The Myth of Self-Care

FB_IMG_1535891747760Over the last few years more and more people, especially women, are talking about self-care and their self-care regime which is really wonderful.  The term ‘self-care’ has become mainstream which it definitely wasn’t when I started life coaching back in 2004. It is such an important thing to prioritise in this crazy, speeded up, modern world.  I am a HUGE fan of self-care and have been advocating on its behalf for the last 15 years as a Life Coach and Retreats & Events Manager specialising in personal and spiritual development.

So why am I concerned?

Quite simply because what I witness many people practicing is NOT self-care in its true form. I see so many of my female friends and clients taking on more and more responsibilities and not even realising how over-stretched they are mentally, physically and emotionally.  It is almost like being busy has become a badge of honour for them.  The term ‘self-care’ is now regularly coined as a way of excusing the fact that they are taking an hour or so for themselves.

42VkWhen you race from another appointment to your monthly massage, lie down with your body knotted in tension, think about 100 other things while you are being massaged and then race off to the next appointment, you are simply ticking off another thing on your long ‘to do’ list.  When you come flying into yoga class late every week, it takes you 10 minutes to slow your breathing down and then you race off as soon as the teacher says ‘namaste’, you are still in your habitual ‘busy-ness’. When you have to consciously remember to schedule in one thing which brings you joy every month you are missing the point of self-care. I did up until a few years ago too. Continue reading The Myth of Self-Care

Spring Clean Your Life

20190216_125521Over the last week or so we have been blessed with the most glorious warm sunny days and cloudless skies which, according to the neighbours, is not normal.  Certainly our memory of last February while we were renting in the area was of wet, wet, wet and more wet.  So the phrase of the moment between everyone we meet is “Il faut en profiter!” which basically means “make the most of it!” So we are.

Eoin has been hard at work cleaning our roof, chopping down old trees and doing lots of other outdoors jobs.    If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will know that I am a passionate organic gardener and that our aim is to grow as much of our own veg as possible here at La Girouette.  This beautiful weather has started my green fingers itching as we rapidly approach the start of another growing year and yesterday I completed Phase 2 of Operation GIY (Grow It Yourself) which was to clean out and reorganise the potting shed.  As I was taking everything out, cleaning tools, disposing of rubbish, organising my pots  and generally seeing what was there, I realised how therapeutic I found this job and how much it mirrored how I approach life. Continue reading Spring Clean Your Life